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Wing : overview of the new Dudek Free Way 2

17 sept 2014 / in News, wings

In this video, Jérémy Bailly made his first fly with the new Dudek FreeWay2 19,5m2. More informations will come soon

Mach 1.1 Dudek / Acro wing

01 juil 2013 / in News, wings

My vision of the piloting start on the ground, then close to ground ( wagga style or proximity fly ) to finish in the air to make acro maneuvers. So I try to made a wing who can make all that kind style of fly. An especially important premise of the design was to get […]

ZigZag 2 – a Speed Riding wing

zigzag 2
28 nov 2012 / in News, wings

I designed and trimmed the ZigZag 2 for Dudek last year and it is now available for this winter. The ZZ2 is a wing for pilots who like freeride and steep run ! Really stable pitch with long breaks, the wing can follow steep slopes.   There are 3 sizes: -        13 sqm : easy and safe, perfect […]

Freestyle wing, the Freeway

freeway22 com
11 mai 2012 / in News, wings

I am happy to present you my new wing for Dudek, the  Freeway. this wing is a small canopy with excellent manouvrability and big safety factor, i designed it for those who like to have good fun play in the air, including elements of aerobatics like helicopter, sat … Freeway’s performance allows for active flying […]

New Acro proto

Proto acro dudek blue
04 mai 2012 / in News, wings

Just some photos for waiting ! This is the future acro wing for Dudek, with blue fabric inside for an interesting effect. Also the Freestyle wing and the Speed Riding wing are coming soon ! Thanks to the ChooksProd ( ) for the Photos .

Rigid chest strap

ventral rigide 1
21 jan 2012 / in News, wings

Since some years i think about a rigid chest strap for a reduction of twist risque. The last year with Pascal Valley, we did some acro test with his paramotor and we were impress by the rigid comportment during the spin triks. I made the first test during the winter 2010/2011 with the wood bar, […]

Dudek paragliding Collaboration

dudek logo 2
12 nov 2011 / in News, wings

After a trip in Poland for meet Dudek paragliding, we start together a collaboration. Dudek is a reference in the paramotor world, with them quality product, they have win lot of paramotor comptetion with the new « Hardron ». My job will be to design and trim some specific paragliding wings. I am really happy about and […]