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cover of parapente mag (french mag)

cover parapente mag
09 juin 2017 / in Magazine, Media

Thanks Pierre pagani and Katie Devos for the cover!

parution in parapente mag

15 mai 2017 / in Magazine, Media

few pages in the french magazine « parapente mag » with a great photo by Guillaume galvani. Thanks Pierre pagani and Katie Devos for the parution.

parution in parapente mag

16 avr 2017 / in Magazine, Media

Thanks to Pierre Pagani and katie Devos for this 2 pages in parapente mag.

cover parapente mag

27 sept 2016 / in Magazine, Media

thanks pierre and katie for the cover of parapente mag

« Plus2news » magazine cove & interview

plus de news cover
15 juil 2015 / in Magazine, Media

I am really proud to make the cover of the Hautes Alpes magazine « plus de news ». Thanks to all the plus de news magazine for the interview.

Parapente mag introduction

parapente mag intro seat
15 juin 2015 / in Magazine, Media

Thanks to Pierre Pagani for the introduction about my work in the Parapente Mag « hors-série ».

Landing in the city: article in the french news paper « le dauphiné »

dauphiné land in the city
14 avr 2015 / in Internet, Magazine, Media, News

I wanted keep the surprise, but a spy take a picture . I just finish to shoot my new video and the last action was to land in the city with the mayor autorisations and all the sécurity system. Thanks to Gérard Fromm, the touristique ofice of Briançon, Adidas Outdoor, Blue max media and all […]