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parution in the new Mister S episode ( TV )

29 juil 2014 / in Internet, Media, TV

One more episode about Freeriders by Mister S. Thanks to Leo Xaleo and Vincent de Azevedo for this great concept

Report by Mister S (TV&internet)

mister s
02 juin 2014 / in Internet, Media, News, TV

Great time and great meeting with the mister S team. Check the video : timing : 06:00

1 000 000 views on Touch

15 avr 2014 / in Internet, Media, News

Just to thank you to made it possible, yesterday, the video Touch get 1 000 000 views in exactly 3 months. It’s just a number but for me it’s mean a lot.    

Report in the Red Bull website about « Touch »

red bull touch
04 fév 2014 / in Internet, Media

Our video « Touch »  shared by Red Bull with an article in bonus. Thanks Josh for the interview. You can check the interview here

Youtube share « Touch » on Google+

22 jan 2014 / in Internet, Media

I was really happy to see that Youtube has been interrested by our new video « Touch ». Youtube share on his Google+ page with almost 10 000 0000 follower. Thank you so much !!!!! check the link here .

L’Equipe share Touch in them Adrenaline website

adrenaline touch
22 jan 2014 / in Internet, Media

Adrenaline is the outdoor part of the popular news paper « L’Equipe » . Since the begining they support us, and this time they speak about our new video Touch. Thanks to all the Adrenaline team to support us. Check the link here

A part of Touch in the « Zapping du Web »

tv loisir zap
16 jan 2014 / in Internet, Media

I am happy to saw a part of the video Touch in the zap of Télé loisir. And I like the tittle  » how to walk on water  » Check the website here